There are many people suffering in poverty in the UK right now, and this crisis is only set to deepen.

We want to both raise awareness of this and to raise money for those who are struggling – and we want your help!

On the week of 13th June we are asking you to live with some of the challenges faced by those in poverty, to draw attention to what life is really like. We want to encourage you to speak out about the experience, whether it’s a blog, video, photos etc. Let people know what it’s really like! Remember you are speaking up for the people who are voiceless.

Some ways to do the challenge:

Food – Live on £1 per day for food

Food – you are not able to cook any food.

Gas and electricity – If you are on a ppm or smart meter you can track your spending and limit it to £2 per day

Appliances – Make a list of all your household appliances and electrics. You are restricted to only using a few of these per day. Switch on the lights or charge your phone? Cook your dinner or use your laptop for work?

Uncertainty – Many people live on zero hours contracts and never know what next week will look like. This challenge will be a flavour of what that is like.

Wild card – Got some ideas? You can pick how you want to do the challenge!

Will taking this challenge be right for me?

We think anyone should be able to take on this challenge. Completing it succesfully is another matter. But that’s entirely the point. if you go into this challenge knowing it will be impossible for you, we want you to tell your story! Perhaps you have a food allergy like gluten? We want you to speak out about how impossible it is to live on £1 per day

How do I get sponsors?

We’ll set you up a page on our site and send you some sponsor forms. As well as some tips on how to get sponsors

Will be really be what it’s like for people in poverty?

No it won’t is the short answer! CCDC describes poverty as a ‘lack of agency’ – it’s not just being without, but being stuck in a situation with no way out. The physical and mental toll that takes on a person cannot be replicated. But we want to draw attention to their experience nonetheless.