Flora Tozowonah

I am Flora, the CCDC Evangelist. Originally from Zimbabwe, I first got involved with this organisation as a member of the prayer team, then as befriender. My heart for the poor, is based on my own life story, where through loss of a spouse life became a challenge for me with my young children. I had walked away from the Christian Faith as it didn’t seem relevant to the situation I had found myself in.

Through Alpha Jesus came into my life. Life took on a new meaning, as I experienced God’s love for myself (about 22years ago). Since then, my identity is that, I am loved by my Father. John 3:16 comes to life for me.

It is my belief that the Good News of salvation, shared in love and compassion, however, whenever, it is shared is never wasted. One also believes that Jesus by His Spirit living in, brings transformation. It did for me.